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The paraglider harness safety system – Developed by pilots for pilots!

Invest in your safety!

Again and again there are serious to fatal accidents due to falling out of the harness during paragliding. This is usually caused by forgetting to close the harness before take-off.

Reasons for this could be:

  • General distraction at the launch site
  • Stress situations during launch preparations
  • Intermediate opening of the belt systems during longer waiting breaks
  • Nervousness and tension of young pilots or occasional pilots
  • Negligence in routine self-inspection of the pilot (5 points check)

These moments are often observed in heavily overcrowded flight areas. Only in the rarest cases do accidents occur due to material fatigue or technical failure.

Functional description of the WiTEC GGS1:

From the time of the first activation by closing the belt system, the monitoring for the forthcoming flight operation becomes active. When the harness is unbuckled again, a warning signal is started which ends when the harness system is closed. This procedure is started automatically each time the seat belt is unbuckled and fastened.

The warning security system is only switched off when the flight equipment is finally discarded by deliberately switching off or manually deactivating it.

The warning safety system is intended to prevent serious consequences of an accident during paragliding by falling out of the harness

Of course no 100% safety can be guaranteed. However, the system should support safe flying. If only one fatal accident is avoided by using the WiTEC GGS1, the implementation and use of the warning security system has paid off.

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